XAircraft OSD Module


OSD module.jpg

Our On Screen Display or OSD module relays detailed flight statistics for the pilot or gimbal operator on the ground. A perfect interface for the FPV pilot as well.

  • Remaining flight battery voltage
  • Flight mode / Safe mode
  • Satellite count  
  • Heading
  • Horizontal and vertical speed
  • Distance from home and altitude
  • Signal quality
  • Aircraft attitude (pitch and roll) 

XAircraft Professional Ground Station

(GS-V1 pictured)

Packages customised for your specific purpose with FPV or AP/AV applications catered for. 

Please email our sales team for further information on international@xaircraft.com


XAircraft FC1212-P and associated modules are now superseded. Please email international@xaircraft.com for further information